Philadelphia Metro HBCU Alumni

Working Together for the Advancement of Our Colleges, Universities, and Communities.

The Philadelphia HBCU Alumni Alliance, Inc. is a
non-profit community-based organization that collaborates
to strengthen our community through impactful programs and to provide support to underserved students interested in attending HBCUs.

Our Mission​​

News & Events

HBCU 5K/Run Walk

We are excited to announce our 2022 Philadelphia HBCU 5K Run/Walk scheduled for Saturday, June 25th at Memorial Hall! The National HBCU Alumni Alliance which consists of affiliates in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Washington DC has partnered with Congressman John Lewis’ estate to honor him and rename all of our 5K events the John R. Lewis GOOD TROUBLE Community Day.

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HBCU Moonlight Cruise

Come sail with the WUAA Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware Chapter in partnership with the Philadelphia HCBU Alliance to rep your HBCU aboard a 2.5-hour moonlight party on Philadelphia’s floating club!

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HBCUs by the Numbers

$14.8 Billion

HBCUs generate $14.8 billion in economic impact annually

134,090 Jobs

HBCUs generate 134,090 jobs in total for their local and regional areas

25% of African-American

HBCUs represent 3% of colleges and universities yet graduate 22% of African Americans who hold undergraduate degrees and 24% in STEM fields

40% of Members of Congress

Among African Americans, HBCU graduates represent
40% of members of Congress

40% of Engineers
50% of Professors of Non-HBCUs
50% of Lawyers
80% of Judges

Educated by HBCUs, Ran by HBCU Alumni

Member Schools

We are a network of HBCU Alumni who share a common goal of strengthening our community through impactful programs and providing support to students

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Brand engagement is a valuable interaction between our HBCU Alumni network and our Community partners’ brand.

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Join the largest community of HBCU graduates that helps you grow by helping others grow.